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2020 Neo-Tokyo Olympics

"Cyberpunk manga Akira debuted in 1982—over thirty years ago. The manga, and subsequent anime, are set in 2019, against the backdrop of the forthcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics." (Reported Kotaku)I Love It when an anime fortune comes together :)

Finding It Hard To Let Go?

We cling unto the faux power of the present, while the fabric of the past dilutes our inert abilities to fight for the future, our future, as much as our appetites for it hunger beyond our mortal reach. Do we LET GO? Or Do We...?

Good For Health, Bad For Education

“Akira 28” Tribute Trailer by Brad Kremer

“Akira 28” Tribute Trailer by Brad Kremer features a CGI’d re-look at the classic 198 anime, including a design-update to bring forward the styles to the NOW, including giving “Kaneda” an awesome skull-motif helmet (reminiscent of Machine56’s aesthetics), his crotchrocket, and even buffing up the head “Clown”!

Plenty of screenshots below for your viewing pleasures :)

"This project started many years ago when both Dean and I lived on Tybee Island. I came to Dean with the idea to do a tribute “trailer” to Akira. As a long time fan of the original film he of course loved the idea! As we brainstormed the story that we wanted to explore from the film we settled on focusing primarily on the bike. The Akira bike is one of those iconic symbols that still remains relevant today similar to the Millennium Falcon or Marty McFly’s beat up DeLorean.

Since that first day when Dean and I began this journey we have both moved a number of times. But we always kept the project alive with a lot of l…

ネオ東京 Underground (V 0.82) by Victor Love

Music & Video edit for ネオ東京 Underground (V 0.82) by Victor Love, utilising existing footage from the 1988 classic anime, “AKIRA” - updating it to the now, ironically with retro-styled electronica of the 80s-90s = AWESOME! ... and here's a perfect animated GIF for it!— Frank Enstein ☠ (@frank_enstein__) August 11, 2016