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"AKIRA" Toy Photos by Alice Adrenochrome

"The bike (1/6 scale) was a limited edition, made by Project BM (Bandai/Soul of Popynica/Medicom, under the supervision of Katsuhiro Otomo) in 2009. 1/6 scale figures Kaneda & Tesuo where also released, in 2010 I think."Mentioned Alice Adrenochrome (@3aalice) of the photographs taken by himself and shared on The Akira Projects' Facebook.

See more of his photography work on Facebook and Flickr, and as well check out an Interview I did in 2011 and posted on TOYSREVIL :)

AND, I added a couple of "Tetsuo" pics to sweeten the post:

"AKIRA" Anime Full Movie on Youtube

For folks who do not have access to the anime, this is a youtubed Full Movie, dubbed in English, with no subs. I personally love the OG Japanese language version (with English subs, of course) but nevertheless, this is one of the crispier visuals bootlegged online - di youselves a favour, track down the DVD or whatever original version, and keep it close to your hearts :) … also check in with THIS fan-made "live-action" trailer to see the visual references!

Live Action Trailer for "Akira Project"

And while the Hollywood adaptation of AKIRA into "live-action" is not exactly happening anytime soon, a fan-made film instead has indeed become a visual reality! With the trailer showing a decided similarity to the source material (both anime and manga), which brings a wicked smile to my face and hearts, here's more visuals to aid in your collective excitement, and some words about the project!

"The Akira Project is a crowd-sourced, non-profit project meant to create a live action fan trailer of AKIRA, the renowned manga-turned-anime film from the late 1980′s; a stunning example of both mediums as art forms. While Hollywood has been working on a live-action Akira movie for a few years now, we, as fans, wanted to take a shot at making our own adaptation. A chance to stick as close to the source material as possible. A chance to do Akira Justice.

We launched an Indiegogo campaign in July 2012 as part of a crowd sourcing effort to make this project come to life. Many p…