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A look at the packaging for the AKIRA The Criterion Collection Laser Disc

Ever wonder what the AKIRA The Criterion Collection Laser Disc looks like? Wonder no more, thanks to this Ebay listing :p"LaserDisc or (LD) is a home video format and the first commercial optical disc storage medium … The technologies and concepts behind LaserDisc are the foundation for later optical disc formats, including Compact Disc, DVD, and Blu-ray Disc … The standard home video LaserDisc was 30 cm (12 in) in diameter and made up of two single-sided aluminum discs layered in plastic. Although appearing similar to compact discs or DVDs, LaserDiscs used analog video stored in the composite domain (having a video bandwidth approximately equivalent to the 1-inch C-Type VTR format) with analog FM stereo sound and PCM digital audio."Wiki

WIP-sketch of AKIRA by Quiccs

"Pencil work for @kultmagazine's upcoming issue! My tribute to one of the greatest animated movies of all time, Akira (1988)"Shared The Philippines based urban artist Quiccs (Original instagram pic here).

"Akira" themed Artwork for "Kung Fu Theater" @ Hero Complex Gallery

Above Art by Guillaume Morellec
Presenting a quartet of "Akira"-themed artwork for group art show "KUNG FU THEATER" @ Hero Complex Gallery - Opening Nov 14, with these piece available as "prints" with online sales starting from Saturday, November 15th at approx. 1pm (*link will be live on Saturday) will via!"KUNG FU THEATER (*not limited to kung fu) is a pop culture show highlighting original artwork by 50+ international artists, inspired by Asian Influences of all types. Co-curated by Craig Drake & Adam Smasher, the show launches at Hero Complex Gallery with a Opening Reception on Friday, November 14th, 7-10pm. Giveaways include a Craig Drake BAMBOO Print…" (Blogged on TOYSREVIL)
Above Art by Matthew Griffin

Above Art "Amid The Ruins" by Laurie Greasley

Above Art by Greg Storey

"AKIRA" Toy Photos by Alice Adrenochrome

"The bike (1/6 scale) was a limited edition, made by Project BM (Bandai/Soul of Popynica/Medicom, under the supervision of Katsuhiro Otomo) in 2009. 1/6 scale figures Kaneda & Tesuo where also released, in 2010 I think."Mentioned Alice Adrenochrome (@3aalice) of the photographs taken by himself and shared on The Akira Projects' Facebook.

See more of his photography work on Facebook and Flickr, and as well check out an Interview I did in 2011 and posted on TOYSREVIL :)

AND, I added a couple of "Tetsuo" pics to sweeten the post:

"AKIRA" Anime Full Movie on Youtube

For folks who do not have access to the anime, this is a youtubed Full Movie, dubbed in English, with no subs. I personally love the OG Japanese language version (with English subs, of course) but nevertheless, this is one of the crispier visuals bootlegged online - di youselves a favour, track down the DVD or whatever original version, and keep it close to your hearts :) … also check in with THIS fan-made "live-action" trailer to see the visual references!

Live Action Trailer for "Akira Project"

And while the Hollywood adaptation of AKIRA into "live-action" is not exactly happening anytime soon, a fan-made film instead has indeed become a visual reality! With the trailer showing a decided similarity to the source material (both anime and manga), which brings a wicked smile to my face and hearts, here's more visuals to aid in your collective excitement, and some words about the project!

"The Akira Project is a crowd-sourced, non-profit project meant to create a live action fan trailer of AKIRA, the renowned manga-turned-anime film from the late 1980′s; a stunning example of both mediums as art forms. While Hollywood has been working on a live-action Akira movie for a few years now, we, as fans, wanted to take a shot at making our own adaptation. A chance to stick as close to the source material as possible. A chance to do Akira Justice.

We launched an Indiegogo campaign in July 2012 as part of a crowd sourcing effort to make this project come to life. Many p…

"Akira" by Marco D’Alfonso

"What If Stan Lee and Jack Kirby Did "Akira"?"

This particular image of "AKIRA" as depicted splendidly by Marco D’Alfonso, has been on my mind for the whole of today, since seeing it on ComicBookResources this morning, completed specifically for CBR's weekly "The Line it is Drawn" - with this week's (#183) theme being "Western Re-Designs of Manga/Anime Characters". It is totally awesome and would make a pretty awesome print or poster, methinks! *EPIC*

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About That AKIRA-Homage by RealxHead for ROCK 'n' ROLL UAMOU @ Toy Art Gallery

EVENT-PRESS: 'ROCK 'n' ROLL UAMOU, with Uamou, RealxHead and Skull Toys opens tomorrow night at Toy Art Gallery! The show features a plethora of awesome Uamou figures, including the new Rock 'n' Roll Uamou figure (regular and mini sizes, both with sunglasses!), the Skeleton Print Uamou, custom Uamou figures from Skull Toys and RealxHead, and the show-stopping Rock 'n' Roll Real Uamou featuring handmade jackets!'

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Rotobox Parallel Works: Yamagata's Robot (Akira) by Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica

For their next custom-inclusion into their "Parallel Works" in their "RealRobot Series", Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica takes on YAMAGATA's ROBOT - with their take on the infamous anime AKIRA! Remember Kaneda's Bike x Robot featured HERE? Seen here is a robot made from a Celsius, with a rider/driver from a C.I.Boy. This piece is an edition of 1, and it has since been SOLD!

To refresh your memories again, in the manga, "Yamagata" was part of the Kaneda-led "Capsule" gang, and that "pipe-staff" in it;s hand, was used to take down some members of the "Clown" gang! Yamagata was eventualy killed off by Tetsuo tho. Not too huge a character, I reckon, but hey, if he warrants a build like this, who am I to argue otherwise! Check out the below featured scaled-comparison next to their 16" Combattler V (Jumbo Machinder) custom!

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Kaneda Jacket by Bandai to Celebrate 30th Anniversary of Akira

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Akira, Bandai is selling Kaneda’s jacket! There's the signature RED jacket (shown above), and a black-version to choose from. 69,800 YEN (approx US$899) will get you the jacket (but not the pants, I'm afraid - or neither the bike - you wish! lol). And as well go here to see the excitement of the 30th Anniversary (in Japanese, I'm afraid) … Gosh I am so excited over a piece of geek-apparel! LO

(aaaah I'll be happy to score some metal pins instead tho! ;p)

Source: kirainet

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Rotobox Parallel Works: Kaneda's Robot Prototype (Akira) by Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica

We've posted WIPs of this custom-Celsius build not too long ago, but that could not prepare us for the awesomeness of this magnificent AKIRA-themed custom from Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica! Featuring a Celsius as Kaneda's bike/robot, and a C.I.Boy as Kaneda the rider, this is truly one for the ages, IMHO.

"It's called Rotobox Parallel Works, the concept of this series is that we do our version of a certain character, like a parallel universe, in this case, in Akira, Kaneda has a bike, and in our parallel works series, we did a robot :) but we still based the concept on kaneda's bike. The poster that we did is based on the poster of kaneda walking straight to his bike." ~says Spencer Ong of Rotobox.
[17 x images in slideshow above / Full-screen viewing]
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Toy-Release: AKIRA's Tetsuo in 1/6 by Medicom Toy x Project BM!

First came the nigh-anticipated and welcomed announcement of a production 1/6th-scaled "Kaneda" (and his bike ~ tis mostly about the bike, innit? / blogged) from the revered anime-classic; AKIRA ... Now, Kaneda will have a "familiar friend" to display alongside with: "TETSUO"!

Scheduled for an October 2010-release, the 1/6th-scaled Tetsuo Shima comes courtesy of Medicom Toys x Project BM! and has a SRP of 18,690Yen (via / US$203). Tetsuo comes with duo interchangeable heads (with different facial expressions), and the RAH301-body form featuring a cyborg-right-arm (well, technically tis an arm made with loose mecha-orga and metal-bits, kept in place by Tetsuo's newly developed and heightened mental-powers...) ~ TetsuooOOOoooo!

[4 x images in slideshow above / CLICK for full-screen viewing]
TRE-TOY-WISH: Now all he needs to "complete" his (proposed) diorama is (1) an enlarged mutated limb in place of cyborg-arm, (2) a stone thron…

AKIRA: Kaneda & Bike in 1/6 by Project BM! x Medicom Toy

All I want for Christmas is this 1/6-scaled Kaneda and his bike from Medicom Toy ~ that's not too much to ask for, innit? Of course the March-2010 release date might be a tad hurdle for Santa to cross, but am sure he could pull some strings, no? Well, this might not be the latest-of-news, but hey, if the cyber-punk anime lore of AKIRA could endure + survive decades, surely this toy would last longer than an instant news-byte? (*cough*). Here are more drool-inducing peeks and information about Project BM!'s KANEDA SHOTARO and 1/6-Scale KANEDA's BIKE!

AKIRA - project BM!: Kaneda Shotaro
DROP-DATE: March 2010
PRICE: 18,690 YEN (US$211 / Reservation via Blister @ 14,900 YEN / US$169)

PRODUCT: PVC Headsculpt and RAH 301 articulated 12 inch body, wearing faux leather suit and welding ABS plastic weapon.

AKIRA - project BM!: 1/6 Scale Kaneda's Bike
DROP-DATE: March 2010
PRICE: 39,900 YEN (US$451 / Reservation via Blister @ 33,900 YEN / US$383)

PRODUCT: The bike is a reproducti…

Arvo's LEGO-made Akira Bikes

Okay, this settles it = if i can find/afford (a proper) Kaneda's 1/6th Bike, i'll just haveta consider a LEGO-make instead! peep more here on made by 'Arvo' [via] ... and while we're there, check out Tetsuo's bike, in both White and Tanned-versions, as well as Yamagata's [wiki] - hell, let's do the whole gang! (and maybe even the Clown Gang too?) ... feeling lost? read about AKIRA on wikipedia :)

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