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AKIRA has a new director attached

say whaaaa? a live-action-AKIRA feature film? the 1988 Katsuhiro Otomo-created cyber-punk opus (manga) that had influenced and inspired many a creators and creations thru the past 2-decades, THAT AKIRA?(*faints-fall-down-go-boom but not before whizzing-meself-silly*)

apparently the live-action-adaptation was planned as far back as 2003, but now (according to / via) Warner Bros. Pictures is trying to get the movie up and running again, with the announcement of hiring/attaching 29-year-old Oscar nominated Irish director Ruairi Robinson to bring Kaneda and gang unto celluloid-life! (just hope they hire proper teen actors and not the "nearly-young-but-actually-older" ones, IMHO ;p)

i've actually known about this piece of news a coupla days back, but have been indulging in re-watching AKIRA and other Japanimation-flicks like Jin-Roh Wolf Brigade, Ghost In The Shell (the "original", not the travesty that was "Innocence", IMHO), Applesee…

about that AKIRA live-action feature film

so it begins. but before we move on, here's a quick-peek at the original anime that shook the cyberbrainscape:

Original Trailer from the Akira Special Edition DVD on the Extras Disc.
(Japanese dub w/ English subs):

English Thearitical Trailer:

Kaneda's Bike (Japanese w/ subs):